S/H Wooden Barrels SML Paris/Selmer Sterling London/Selmer Console London. Prices for each.



C 393 

S/H BOOSEY & HAWKES "REGENT". IMMACULATE. Granadilla Wood with metal end caps. Silver plated keywork immaculate. New pads. Good original Mouthpiece & old style case. NO VAT. REAL BARGAIN.


150.00 *

C 391 

S/H BUCKLEY. LOOKS NEW. Serial No: 1211042. Silver plated keywork. ABS Body. Smart modern case. NO VAT. IDEAL STUDENT MODEL.


175.00 *

C 378 

New ELKHART "450" OUTFIT. Super Silver plated keywork & ABS Body. Marketed by Vincent Bach UK. Adjustable thumb rest & metal bell ring. Complete Mouthpiece & Luxury case with back-pack facility. IDEAL STUDENT MODEL. VERY SPECIAL PRICE-LIMITED STOCKS. Available Rental/Buy.



C 382 

BUCKLEY OUTFIT. Quality Build. Silver plated keywork. Full system & metal Bell rim., thumb hook with ring. Ebonite. 2 x barrels. Complete smart modern case with shoulder strap. EX DEMONSTRATOR. AVAILABLE RENT/PURCHASE.



C 381 

NEW BUCKLEY OUTFIT. Quality Built model. SIlver plated keywork. Full system. & metal Bell rim. Thumb hook with ring. Ebonite. 2 x barrels. Complete smart case with shoulder strap. AVAILABLE ON RENTAL/BUY.



C 383 

S/H BUFFET CRAMPON FRANCE. Mature Granadilla Wood. Good unmarked keywork & pads. Plays Well. Serial No: 235538. Original Mouthpiece looks good. Complete Special Flight Case. NO VAT. BARGAIN.


235.00 *

C 350 

S/H BOOOSEY & HAWKES "EMPEROR" SUPERB CONDITION. Quality Granadilla Wood. Metal tenon caps. Serial No: 372843. Silver plated keys (immaculate). Tight keywork. Original B&H "593" Mouthpiece & smart modern case. NO VAT-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED-WORTH DOUBLE.


285.00 *


S/H NOBLET PARIS. Mature Granadilla Wood. Recent Overhaul with Leather pads. New Ebonite Mouthpiece. Complete New modern Case with back-pack facility. BARGAIN for Quality Instrument.




JUPITER 637S - NEW DESIGN. 14.80mm bore. ABS Body, Wood effect. Power forged Silver plated keywork. Adjustable thumb rest with ring. Metal Bell ring. Good Mouthpiece. Smart modern case with strap. IN OUR OPINION (60 YEARS PLAYING EXPERIENCE,. Equal to Yamaha & superior to B12. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. AVAILABLE ON RENTAL.



C 384 

S/H YAMAHA "CUSTOM" CS. Professional Model. Serial No: 01707. Complete Vandoren M30 Mouthpiece & smart modern Double Case. NO VAT. RARE OPPORTUNITY.


875.00 *


* Commission Sales: We can sell your unwanted instruments on a commission basis of 15% (min. fee 35)
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