S/H Wooden Barrels: Selmer Sterling London/Selmer Console London. Prices for each.



C 492 

S/H BUFFET B12 OUTFIT. IMMACULATE. Looks Un-played. Famous Student Model. Complete Mouthpiece& original smart case NO VAT. Cash required.


175.00 *

C 403 

S/H BOOSEY & HAWKES "EMPEROR". Excellent condition-ABS Body. Recent Professional Overhaul. Complete mouthpiece & original case.



C 400 

NEW MODEL VIVACE by Famous Designer. ABS BODY=Lightweight. Nickel Silver key work. Adjustable thumb rest. Complete good Mouthpiece & smart modern case. AVAILABLE RENTAL/PURCHASE.



C 487 

S/H BOOSEY & HAWKES "EMPEROR" AMAZING Condition. Serial No: 465974. Mature Wood. Silver plated (100%) keywork. Recent Overhaul. All Leather pads. Very free blowing. Complete Yamaha Mouthpiece & Modern smart Case. NO VAT. Highly Recommended. Sensible Price.


395.00 *

C 494 

METZLER "C" Model. VINTAGE, (c.1910?). Attractive Mahogany? No cracks/splits. Old Simple System. Complete original Mouthpiece & modern smart case. Suit Collector/player. Recent Service We believe this was made by Hawkes who also offered Excelsior Sonorous at the same time. NO VAT. Cash required.


495.00 *

C 485 

S/H NOBLET PARIS. Excellent Condition. Mature Wood. Silver plated keys. Good pads. Serial No: 11668. Complete Mouthpiece & New Modern Case. NO VAT.


495.00 *

C 486 

S/H BOOSEY & HAWKES "IMPERIAL" 926. Excellent Condition. Mature Wood with Metal End Caps. Serial No: 46151. Leather pads. Complete Mouthpiece & Luxury Case. Famous Quality Model by British Manufacturer. NO VAT.


575.00 *

C 482 

S/H BASS CLARINET. To Low Eb. Quality Build. Silver plated keywork. Recent Service. Ex Professional use. Complete Mouthpiece & Super Luxury Case. Ideal Local Orchestra or Jazzer. NO VAT-BARGAIN.


595.00 *

C 483 

S/H Eb Model by JEAN LUCERNE-PARIS. Excellent Mature Wood & Silver Plated keys. Ex Professional. Complete Mouthpiece & Good original case. NO VAT-RARE OPPORTUNITY.


645.00 *

C 484 

S/H Eb MODEL by SCHERNEL "Prestige". EXCELLENT condition. Serial No: 60711. Good playing condition. Complete good Mouthpiece & Luxury original Case. NO VAT-MUST BE TRIED. RECOMMENDED.


695.00 *

C 481 

S/H B&H "EMPEROR" PAIR. SUPER CONDITION. Mature Wood. Silver Plated keywork. Serial Nos: A 512758/Bb 4855937. Complete Mouthpieces & Luxury Double Case. Ex Professional use. (May sell separate) NO VAT.


998.00 *


* Commission Sales: We can sell your unwanted instruments on a commission basis of 15% (min. fee 35)
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