SS 183 

S/H STAGG OUTFIT-CURVED. UN MARKED. High F#. Engraved. Full adjusters. Complete Mouthpiece & original Case. NO VAT. Suit younger Student or World Traveller.


235.00 *

SS 178 

S/H ALLEGRO OUTFIT. CURVED MODEL. MARKED. High F#. Full facilities. Complete Mouthpiece & good original case. Suit Young Student or World traveller. NO VAT. BARGAIN.


275.00 *

SS 189 

s/H ELKHART CURVED MODEL. LOOKS UN-PLAYED. Quality Build. Engraved. High F#. Full Adjusters. Complete original Case & mouthpiece, both immaculate. Suit younger player or World Traveller. NO VAT. BARGAIN.


325.00 *

SS 185 

S/H ELKHART CURVED MODEL. IMMACULATE-LOOKS UN PLAYED. Serial No: 709. Engraved-High F#. Full adjusters. Metal thumb hook. Complete Mouthpiece & original immaculate Luxury case. NO VAT-BARGAIN.


350.00 *

SS 190 

S/H TREVOR JAMES "HORN" CURVED MODEL. LOOKS NEW. High F sharp. Serial No: T0353736. Complete Mouthpiece & original Luxury Case. NO VAT. RECOMMNDED BUY


450.00 *

SS 173 

ELKHART NEW MODEL. One piece with Straight & Curved crooks. Clear Lacquer. Engraved. High F#. Complete Mouthpiece-Good Case with back-pack facility. Excellent Build. By Vincent Bach. IDEAL Doubling Model.



SS 188 

NEW BAUHAUS SSY. Quality CURVED Model. High F#. American Brass. Engraved. Metal thumb hook. Complete mouthpiece & smart modern case with back-pack facility. Suit Young Student or World Traveller.




SA 708 

S/H SELMER "PRELUDE". Excellent condition. High F sharp. Engraved. Serial No: 20204. Recommended Student Model. Complete original Case, no Mouthpiece. NO VAT.


250.00 *


S/H KING 613 USA. Attractive model Made in USA. Serial No;707499. No dings/dents, excellent lacquer. Silver plated crook with Nickel silver keywork. Plays excellently. Complete modern shaped case. Low Price. NO VAT-BARGAIN.


375.00 *

SA 627 

S/H EARLHAM "Professional". LOOKS NEW. High F#. Full adjusters. Complete Mouthpiece, Pad saver & Professional sling. Complete original Immaculate Case. NO VAT. REAL BARGAIN-BE QUICK.


375.00 *

SA 624 

S/H LA FLEUR. "ARTIST MODEL" Serial No: 8117. Dark Lacquer. Rolled tone holes. Front F. Complete Mouthpiece & Hiscox Case. PLAYS WELL. "CLASSIC" CLEARANCE PRICE. NO VAT.


425.00 *

SA 632 

S/H KING 613 CLEVELAND". Excellent condition. Serial No: 617517 (c.1971). Good Lacquer & Pads. No dings/dents. Quality USA model. Complete Yamaha Mouthpiece & excellent original case. NO VAT.


475.00 *

SA 626 

S/H GRASSI ITALY. Good Lacquer, Nickel key work. Serial No: 27490 (c.Mid 1060S). Complete Mouthpiece & ABS shaped case. "CLASSIC" CLEARANCE PRICE. NO VAT.


475.00 *

SA 601 

VIVACE by Kurioshi. Super Quality Build. High F#. All professional Adjusters. Metal thumb hook. Hand Engraved. Front F spatula. Complete Mouthpiece & smart modern Case with back-pack facility. Highly Recommended. AVAILABLE PURCHASE/RENTAL.



SA 720 

ANTIGUA "VOSI" OUTFIT. SUPER MODEL FOR ADVANCING PLAYER. High F#. Hand Engraved. Real MOP Touchpieces. Good Mouthpiece. Complete Smart Modern Case with back-pack facility. VERY SPECIAL PRICE.



SA 600 

ELHART SXAB OUTFIT. DELUXE MODEL. High F#. Front F spatula. Complete Mouthpiece & smart modern case with back-pack facility. BARGAIN PRICE. AVAILABLE RENT/PURCHASE.



SA 304 

S/H BUFFET DYNACTION. Serial No: 4656 (c.1956) France. Recent Overhaul. Original Dark Lacquer, some wear but excellent overall condition. Classic Buffet Dark Sound. NO VAT-UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY.


695.00 *

SA 709 

S/H ANTIGUA "3100" IMMACULATE-LOOKS U PLAYED. Engraved. High F#. Serial No: A010174. Full adjusters. Quality Model. Would suit Advancing player Complete original Mouthpiece & smart modern case including back pack facility. NO VAT. RARE OPPORTUNITY. BE QUICK.


695.00 *

SA 700 

ANTIGUA "3108" NEW MODEL. Engraved. High F#. Full Adjusters. Spatula front F. Quality make (Taiwan). Complete Yamaha Mouthpiece & smart modern contoured case with back-back facility. Equal/Superior to any others in this price range. Visit & play. Don't take chances on pure Website offers/promises.



SA 714 

S/H YAMAHA YAS 61. PROFESSIONAL MODEL. Serial No: 11128. Original Lacquer. Nice Hand engraving. Attractive iconic one piece keyguard. Real MOP Touchpieces. Good Roo pads. Plays Superb. Now Classic Model. Complete Case. NO VAT. BE QUICK.


975.00 *

SA 620 

ANTIGUA "PRO-ONE" NOW FIRST BACK IN GB. Peter Ponzol Design. Hand Built & Hand Engraved. Vintage Brass Gold Lacquered. High F#. Non stick G#, multi point sling ring. Trident adjustable keywork. Rolled toneholes on low notes. Real MOP touchpieces & good mouthpiece. Complete modern shaped case with back-pack facility. Rave Reviews in USA & will outplay all new models on World Market. Professional Model. Unbeatable Re launch prices. AWAITING FURTHER STOCKS.



SA 719 

S/H BORGANI "SPECIAL" IMMACULATE-LOOKS UN-PLAYED. Silver Plated (Brite) Bell-Crook & Keywork. Hancrafted & Engraved by Master Craftesman High F#. Serial No: OBA 0191(c 2012). Commissioned for Top UK & NY Player. Complete Luxury Shaped Case. NO VAT. UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY.


2,649.00 *


ST 373 

S/H CORTON OUTFIT. Good playing condition. Looks good but has unseen damage to underside of bow. Does not affect playing. Serial No: 179395. Due to above low price. Includes Yamaha Mouthpiece & good original Case. Ideal first Instrument.NO VAT.


375.00 *

ST 490 

S/H CONN "STAR BURST" Mexico. Fair Playing Order. Serial No: N 162262 (c.1969). Inexpensive Horn by Famous Maker. Complete Mouthpiece & Case. NO VAT.


449.00 *

ST 508 

S/H ELKHART-IMMACULATE-LOOKS UN PLAYED. Engraved. High F#. Serial No: 2370706. Metal thumb rest. Complete Yamaha Mouthpiece, pad saver & good Case. BARGAIN.



ST 492 

S/H CORTON. IMMACULATE. Well built. Super Lacquer. Recent Professional Service. Plays Superb. Complete Yamaha Mouthpiece & immaculate original case. IDEAL first Tenor. NO VAT-BE QUICK.



ST 532 

S/H OLDS "PARISIAN" Made in France. Serial No: 21656 (c. 1957). Looks immaculate. Re lacquered? Good pads. Super Sound. Complete original Case & Mouthpiece. IDEAL FIRST CLASSIC SAX. NO VAT.


499.00 *

ST 499 

S/H VITO-NOBLET. Excellent condition Hand Engraved. Quality Build. Serial No: 22328 (Made in France). Good Lacquer & Pads. Complete good case. NO VAT. BAGAIN.


576.00 *

ST 478 

VIVACE by Kurioshi. Super Quality Build. High F#. Hand Engraved. All professional Adjusters. Metal thumb hook. Front spatula F. Complete Mouthpiece & smart modern case with back-pack facility. Highly Recommended. AVAILABLE PURCHASE/RENTAL.


640.00 *

ST 491 

. S/H TREVOR JAMES "REVOLUTION 2". Very attractive "engine turned" decoration on complete body/crook-gold lacquer. Looks New. High F#. Serial No: T1355.Complete new Mouthpiece & smart modern case with back-pack facility.NO VAT. WORTH DOUBLE. BE QUICK.


749.00 *

ST 527 

S/H BAUHAUS TSY. IMMACULATE-LOOKS UN PLAYED. Serial No: 060031. Engraved. High F#. All adjusters. Double arms on low notes. Complete Yamaha Mouthpiece & smart original case with back-pack facility. NO VAT. BARGAIN.


750.00 *

ST 496 

S/H VITO-NOBLET. Serial No: 16355 (c.1972). Made in France. All original, no dings/dents. Recent Professional Overhaul & re-pad. Super playing horn. Complete Hiscox Professional Case. (No Mouthpiece). NO VAT-MUST BE TRIED.


895.00 *

ST 502 

JULIUS KEILWERTH SX90/R. IMMACULATE. Silver plated Bell & Body. GP Key work. Serial No; 113054. Handcrafted & Engraved Bell. Non stick G#. Rolled tone holes. Real MOP Touchpieces. Adjustable Palm keys. Complete original Lightweight Case with back-pack facility & Mouthpiece. TOP PROFESSIONAL MODEL. NO VAT. REDUCED- SAVE s.


1,850.00 *

ST 480 

ANTIGUA "PRO-ONE". FIRST STOCKS BACK IN UK. Peter Ponzol Design. Hand Built & Hand Engraved. Vintage Brass Lacquered. High F# & Non-stick G#. Multi point sling ring. Rolled tone holes on low notes & Trident adjustable key arms. Real MOP touchpieces. PROFFESSIONAL MODEL. Complete good Mouthpiece & smart modern Case with back-pack facility. RAVE REVIEWS IN USA. Outplays all current New Models. Limited Stocks. FURTHER STOCKS AWAITED.

CLICK HERE to see photographs of this unique instrument.



ST 525 

S/H SELMER PARIS Mk 6. Original condition Serial No: M 121179 (c.1965). Optimum year. Little lacquer left. Good pads & tight keywork. No major dings/dents. Complete original case. NO VAT. MUST BE SEEN & TRIED. Serious Players only.


5,900.00 *





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8,999.00 *

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